After more than 30+ years of experience as a Professional Clubmaker and 20 years as a Professional Clubfitter, having now purchased a retirement plan parcel of land, in what can only be described as ” one of the best locations for the greatest number of golf courses per square mile”,  based in the beautiful Riverland of South Australia, within a leisurely two hour drive of eleven different courses and a comfortable 3 hours to Adelaide Airport.  Accomadation options available ; 10 mins to either Berri or Barmera, with multiple budget choices.

Being owner operated, we do not have the fancy, bling showrooms, with the one size fits all, ‘just happen to have the last one on the shelf’, salesperson speak, we keep it real.   Our commitment to providing the highest quality Clubfitting & Clubmaking service to the golfing community is our priority.

My goal is to enhance your golfing pleasure.  Should you desire to purchase clubs from Custom Fit Golf, all the components (woods, hybrids, irons, wedges and putters) offered for sale and assembly into the finished product are USGA and R&A approved. They are equal or superior to any product offered and the quality of the product I sell is second to none on the market today. The Big Box stores offer you Marketing, I offer you SATISFACTION.

The vast majority of Drivers sold in the Box stores are too long for the average Golfer to perform to his/her maximum skill level capability. When the Driver is shortened to the length that you need to make on centre and square contact and the club is properly weighted, you will almost assuredly see your improvement in Distance and Directional stability. Unfortunately, if the loft is incorrect for your skill level or the Face Angle is inadequate to help correct your ball flight direction, these can’t be changed – You have what you have. If you don’t have the correct shaft for your skill level – the shaft can be changed as can the grip size and composition. I will be happy to discuss the changes required and what can be done to your existing Driver or Fairway Woods. Bottom line, You were sold something that just doesn’t work for you.

The Mission of Custom Fit Golf is to enhance the long term enjoyment and satisfaction of your golfing experience. To achieve this goal, the golfer must be playing golf clubs that are Custom Fit by a Professional Clubfitter to the specifications appropriate for that particular Golfer. Custom Fit Golf is always Custom and Never Standard off the rack.

There are 13 key elements to a Custom Clubfitting.  At Custom Fit Golf, you will be introduced to the elements of Clubfitting found in the “Common Sense Approach to Clubfitting” developed by the Guru of Clubfitting, Tom Wishon.  How many of the 13 elements were you offered at your last big box store purchase by someone who represents themselves as a clubfitter?  The one size fits all, off the rack clubs are at best a lottery proposition.  If your shoe store only offered one size in shoes, What would you do?  Wear them or get them fitted for you? Obviously, it would be the latter.  The same principal is applicable to golf clubs.  Mass marketed Golf Clubs will never, nor can they ever, match the playability of a truly custom fit set. Their goal is a quick sale and rapid inventory turnover.  My Goal is your SATISFACTION.  So I ask you, what is the difference between the Big Box Store Brands and Custom Fit Golf?

At Custom Fit Golf, I can do what they can do BUT they can’t do what I can do and that is to fit each individual golfer, one club at a time.

For a Golfer to play their best golf, it is not a matter of the Brand Name or the Model, or the price or the colour of the shaft or the TV marketing hype, IT IS THE FIT.

You are welcome to call 0439 884 667 at any time to schedule a Fitting appointment, available booking times are 10:00am, 2:00pm, and 7:00pm, 7 days/week by arrangement,  with off street parking available, or to locally field test,  any demo club available for sale through Custom Fit Golf.   Also during your visit, I will be more than happy to explain the Custom Fit Golf Fitting Process and show you all the golf products available.

Are You Ready to Play Your Best Golf????

We welcome you to our unique set-up and will happily share our facilities and refreshments with you, but please remember, you will be coming onto private property and we ask that you respect our property and possessions, as we will yours.



Custom Fit Golf


  • My name is Ernie (64 years old) and I decided to have a custom fitting for my next set of irons. I had the opportunity to play a few rounds of golf with Craig and he told me that he was able to do custom fitting. In previous years I went to a golf shop and bought what I was told would work for me. I went to his house where his workshop is at the back of his premises. We discussed what I wanted to achieve and after the long talk I decided on graphite shafts with forged heads. From then on we did an intensive fitting session with various combinations of graphite shafts and heads. My final combinations were made up of SK Fiber Pure Energy shafts with ACER XS Forged heads and Karma grips. Would I recommend having a custom fitting … for sure YES!!!!!

    Ernie - Adelaide
  • As a golf teacher, Craig Forth’s tuition has always been an accurate assessment of my game and by the end of the session I am hitting the ball much better and of even more importance, I come away with an understanding of the causes and effects of changes / habits of my golf swing. Having not only the lesson but also the improved capacity to work it myself makes his teaching of great assistance to my golf game. Only wish I had time to practice what I learn, but that’s another story.

    Les Bollenhagen - Teaching
  • The set of clubs I play with today is vastly improved over the retail equipment I was using. For ages I struggled with painful hands and arms and it was getting worse. Fortunately I was introduced to Craig Forth, and due to his club fitting know-how in setting my clubs with the correct shaft, grip and lie angles etc, the strain on my body was considerably reduced, and as a bonus the clubs are now more suited to my swing. Without Craig’s expertise, it’s doubtful that I could be playing today. His passion and knowledge built over many years continue to amaze me.

    Les Bollenhagen - Club Fitting
  • I have always felt that clubs off the rack were not quite the right fit for me, I would have to modify my swing and club delivery to get the desired results. After struggling with this for years I contacted Craig to get some help.
    Craig was fantastic; he completely understood what I was trying to explain. He began by watching me hitting balls in the net, while discussing what he thought could be improved in my game. The first thing he did was check the length, lie, loft and swing weight of my clubs. Then he used a series of impact and lie angle testing methods to find the strike patterns before making some adjustments and then re-testing until we were both happy with the results. It turned out that I needed a flatter lie angle than standard.
    The outcome was amazing! My irons strikes are so pure now with better feel through the turf and my consistency has improved dramatically. Thanks to Craig and his vast knowledge on golf and club fitting, my shots are sweeter and straighter and my scores are lower.

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